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Wednesday, 04 April 2022

One of the hotter topics on the Texas blogs this year has been finding a candidate to take on John Cornyn for Senate.  No one has 'fessed up to being interested, but plenty of candidates are being volunteered. Many bloggers have a favorite, while some of the DC players are pushing someone else. There have been a few sparks flying as a result.

I decided to do a series of polls looking at various candidates, to see who the voters are receptive to. To start with, I did a very dry name recognition and favorability survey on eight names. I didn't give title or bio, just the simple name.  Future polls will give increasing amounts of information to see how the recognition and favorability can change through marketing.

I polled 480 past Dem primary voters, and a lot of them didn't recognize any of the potential candidates. No one had good name recognition. One flaw I realized when doing analysis is that I didn't give a 'no opinion' option and some respondents may have selected 'Don't Recognize' rather than give a favorable or unfavorable rating. For this reason, I am only releasing some basic analysis rather than the complete results. There is value in the results, but don't read too much into them.

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As noted in the BOR Presidential Poll, primary turnout is not proportional to regional population. South Texas has strong representation, while major cities are very weak. A number of the names I polled are Houston based, and while they may pull a lot of votes in November, they are little known in the Valley. Webb County's Henry Cuellar had much higher name rec than Bill White, Rick Noriega or Nick Lampson from the Houston area. Cuellar also has statewide name rec as Secretary of State in 2001. Barbara Ann Radnofsky (disclaimer - I worked on her primary campaign in 2006) had the highest name rec due to being at the top of the statewide ballot just a few months ago.

I also ran favorability ratings using just the responses that didn't choose 'Don't Recognize.' The question was asked specifically as 'favorability as a candidate for the Senate race.' Bill White led the pack with +50 (75% favorable - 25% unfavorable) including 51% choosing 'Very Favorable.' Radnofsky was +46 and Lampson +44. Gene Kelly was easily the most unfavorable with -36. The others were all in the +10 to -10 range. Cuellar was +8 overall, but had the second highest 'Very Unfavorable' behind Kelly.
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