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Friday, 31 August 2022
I polled the Texas GOP on their presidential primary preferences ahead of the upcoming straw poll. Few candidates will be attending, so it will be hard to predict the results. To vote in the straw poll, the individual must have been a delegate or alternate delegate at a recent GOP convention. I poll voters that have voted in recent GOP primaries, which is a much larger population. I named all candidates, but only gave choices for the top 6, plus options for 'Other' and 'Undecided.'
I last polled the Texas GOP in mid-June, and found that Fred Thompson led the pack with 29% despite not officially being in the race. He's still not in 'officially,' but he still leads with 25%. Rudy Giuliani is unchanged at 21%. McCain slips from third to fifth as both Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee move up to 15% and 13% respectively. The Iowa straw poll seems to have really boosted Huckabee while Romney has been gaining for a longer period. The previous poll got lots of attention as a result of showing Ron Paul at 6%, higher than any other telephone poll. He has slipped to 5% due to a weaker showing in the San Antonio area, where Huckabee and Romney showed gains.
As noted last time, there are some noticeable gender gaps, with Thompson, Huckabee and Paul all much more popular with men than with women. Romney was also higher with men, but there was less of a gap. McCain was fairly even, while Giuliani did much better among women. Women were also much more likely to be undecided.
I also asked whether the 'Surge' was a success or not, and 67% said yes, 18% said no and 15% were undecided. Even Ron Paul supporters thought it was a success 49% to 30%. The suprise to me was that McCain supporters were much closer to Paul's than the other candidates. Only 53% to 27% said it was a success, while the other candidates supporters were all in the high 70% range for 'success.'
Finally, I asked about Rick Perry's approval rating and he got 63% approval overall. Huckabee supporters were a little lower than average at 49%, while 'Other' supporters only gave him 36%. Undecided voters were not undecided about Perry, giving him a 91% approval rating, more than any candidate's supporters.

  • Thompson 25%
  • Giuliani 21%
  • Romney 15%
  • Huckabee 13%
  • McCain 8%
  • Paul 5%
  • Other 8%
  • Undecided 5%

570 Polled 8/29/07 MoE 4.1%
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