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Tuesday, 13 November 2022
On November 7-8, I polled 510 Texans with history of voting in Democratic primaries on their preference for presidential nominee. While attention to the recent debate has trimmed Clinton's lead in some early state polls, that is not the case in Texas, where she received her highest percentage in the BurntOrangeReport.com series. Edwards received his lowest percentage so far, Richardson received his highest so far and Obama received his lowest since June, though these candidates' numbers have generally stayed within the margin of error. Clinton scored especially well among Latinos, who gave her 65%, followed by Richardson at 16%. Clinton's support among Latino men raised her overall male support to 50%.

  • Clinton 51%
  • Obama 17%
  • Edwards 11%
  • Richardson 10%
  • Kucinich 2%
  • Biden 1%
  • Dodd 0%
  • Gravel 0%
  • Undecided 8%

I also asked some issue questions, which are detailed in 'Read more'

Respondents were asked to rate a series of issues on their importance for the next president to address. The issues were The Economy, Terrorism, Global Warming, Healthcare, Illegal Immigration and The War in Iraq and the scale was 1-9. On average, all issues were considered important, with the lowest scoring 3.9. Supporters of the top candidates ranked issues in the same order for the most part. Obama, Edwards and Richardson supporters all ranked Healthcare as the most important issue followed closely by The Economy, while Clinton supporters reversed these two. All ranked The War in Iraq third, Global Warming fourth, Terrorism fifth and Illegal Immigration sixth. Breakdowns by demographic group can be found here.

Specific to Iraq, I asked 'On the war in Iraq, which is closest to your position - increase the number of troops, maintain the current number of troops, bring the troops home gradually, bring the troops home quickly?' Withdrawal was the strong favorite, with 89%, but 'withdraw gradually' led 'withdraw quickly' by 49% to 40%. On the other end of the scale, increasing troops was slightly ahead of maintaining the current levels. Support for increasing troops was highest for African-Americans and Obama supporters, but these two groups also gave 'withdraw quickly' above average support.

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