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Friday, 11 January 2022
I polled Texas primary voters January 10 and again found much more movement on the GOP side, John McCain, who was in single digits last month surged into a statistical tie with Mike Huckabee. Huckabee, who still leads McCain 26% to 24% lost some of the moderates that discovered him last month, but added a few more conservative supporters. Huckabee is a 24 point favorite among voters under 40 and a 6 point favorite among voters 40-59. McCain has a 16 point lead among Republicans 60+.

Fred Thompson and Ron Paul lost two points, Mitt Romney lost three and Rudy Giuliani lost six points from last month. Thompson held steady among men, but lost support among women. Romney lost all his younger supporters to Huckabee and Giuliani lost support from every sector. Hunter ticked up one and Keyes held steady at about a half percent. Eight percent were undecided, though it would appear that a lot of the others aren't all that decided either.

725 polled 1/10/08, Margin of Error 3.6%

  • Huckabee 26% (29%)
  • McCain 24% (7%)
  • Thompson 12% (14%)
  • Romney 11% (14%)
  • Giuliani 10% (16%)
  • Paul 4% (6%)
  • Hunter 3% (2%)
  • Keyes 0% (0%)
  • Undecided 8%

Among Texas Democrats, Barack Obama had his best showing yet, but Hillary Clinton still has a solid lead. Clinton maintains her strength among Whites over 60 and among Latino women, while Obama maintains his strength among African-Americans, but there is significant movement among Latino men. While Clinton has had a very strong lead among all Latinos, Obama is now almost tied among Latino men. There was no other demographic segment that showed significant movement. Bill Richardson had received most of his Latino support from men, so his supporters may have moved to Obama when he dropped out of the race. That is not enough to account for all of Obama's gain, but it may help explain that one noticable shift.

John Edwards did particularly well among middle aged white men, but received almost no support from African-Americans and did much worse among women than men in most age and ethnic groupings. Dennis Kucinich held steady at 1%, Mike Gravel surged to 1% and 10% were undecided.

564 polled 1/10/08, Margin of Error 4.1%

  • Clinton 46% (51%)
  • Obama 28% (17%)
  • Edwards 14% (15%)
  • Kucinich 1% (1%)
  • Gravel 1% (0%)
  • Undecided 10%
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