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Thursday, 07 February 2022
Did a quick poll tonight to see how Mitt Romney's exit from the GOP primary would change things in Texas.

Last week, Romney was just ahead of John McCain, 30 to 29, with Mike Huckabee following at 20. Ron Paul and Alan Keyes were in single digits. Huckabee did best among voters under 40, while McCain did best with voters over 60. Romney's support was fairly even through the different ages.

This week, Huckabee has a small lead among the <40 and 40-59 age groups, while McCain has a large lead in the 60+ age group. McCain has fairly even support between men and women in each age group, but Huckabee does better among women in the younger groups. If Huckabee could attract the portion of the <60 male vote that is going to Paul and Keyes, he would be competitive with McCain. I have no reason to expect that they will shift, just noting the gender gap in the <60 'not McCain' vote.

  • McCain 43% (29%)
  • Huckabee 33% (20%)
  • Paul 9% (8%)
  • Keyes 3% (3%)
  • Undecided 13% (10%)

510 polled 2/7/08 Margin of error 4.3%
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