Casinos in Texas
Friday, 09 March 2022

With Rodney Ellis and John Carona filing legislation to bring casinos to the Lone Star state, I thought I would poll voters to see how they felt about the subject. First, I asked likely voters what they thought about bringing casinos to Texas. Then I asked a followup question based on their initial response.

If they were in favor, I listed some of the opponents' arguments. If they were opposed, I listed some of the supporters' arguments. If they were undecided, I listed both the pro and con arguments. Then I asked if any opinions had changed. Only a couple of percent switched sides completely, but there was a strong shift to 'Undecided.' It would appear that a heavy PR campaign could shift this either way.

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Last Updated ( Thursday, 20 December 2022 )
Effect of moving the primary to February
Friday, 23 February 2022

Very few people vote in the primaries, presidential year or not. In Texas, the choice of presidential candidate is effectively over by the time we vote, so there is no bump in those cycles.

 This year, there are some rumblings from both sides about moving the primary to February 5th. If it happens, primary turnout would probably jump. The new primary voters would have a different profile from the current hardcore activists, possibly changing the outcome. With that in mind, I designed a poll to run against the different statistical populations.

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Last Updated ( Thursday, 20 December 2022 )
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